Project Update - October 2019 

As of September 30th:

  • Installation of first layer of asphalt is complete. There are two more layers to go.
  • Concrete curbing is 90% installed.
  • Concrete sidewalks are 65% complete
  • Drainage infrastructure installation is 97% complete.
  • Concrete driveway installation is 80% complete.
  • Foundation installation for pedestrian lighting and traffic signals is complete.
  • Crosswalk at Hopkins is open and operational with functioning pedestrian signals.

The following progress is expected to be made during the month of October:

  • Complete concrete curbing and driveway installation.
  • Complete 95% of concrete sidewalk installation.
  • Complete 50% of concrete median work.
  • Complete LID features.
  • Begin construction on biofiltration pond.
  • We expect the project to be substantially complete just prior to Sights and Sounds. We expect to open the road to traffic once Sights and Sounds has concluded.