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City staff is continuously seeking input regarding property histories and identification of significant buildings. Please submit any information you have such as historic photographs, stories, and other information! This information will help us to capture the social, historic, and cultural significance of San Marcos.

If you have information about potential historic resources in your neighborhood, please be sure to fill the historic resources identification form. View a printable version of the historic resources identification form (PDF).

To submit information digitally, click on the form below. You may also contact City staff by emailing Planning Information or calling (512) 393-8230 if you have questions or drop by our office at 630 E. Hopkins Street.

How Do I Decide What to Identify?

Think about the following questions in considering which resource(s) to identify:

  • What are the neighborhoods, commercial areas, and landscapes that have distinctive architectural, design or cultural characteristics, or reflect important aspects of social history or community planning and development? What are the qualities of these places that make them important?
  • What areas, sites, or buildings served as key gathering places or focal points of your neighborhood over the years?
  • Which places were associated with the most important individuals, groups or organizations that shaped your neighborhood's history?
  • Which buildings, structures and districts may have been associated with important architects, builders, designers, developers, or engineers whose work helped define the character of your neighborhood?
  • Which places shaped social movements and the cultural evolution of your neighborhood?
  • Which places are unique to your neighborhood and which reflect larger trends in the development history of San Marcos?
  • Which places provide a key window into understanding the demographic changes that your neighborhood experienced over the years?

Submit Your Photos & Documents!

Historic Resources Identification Form