Paying Your Utility Bill

The City recently updated the Direct Draft and Recurring Credit Card program for its utility customers.  Selecting this utility payment option will allow the City Utility Division to charge your balance/payment to your chosen payment method monthly.

Your utility bill can be paid via MasterCard (credit/debit), Visa (credit/debit), Discover cards or savings/checking account.  Payment will be applied to your card or drawn from your bank account each month on the account due date.

For your convenience and confidentiality you will not have to contact the City Utility Division, go online, call in or go to any location to pay your monthly bill. Your card number or bank account information will be protected and not viewable to anyone including City staff. All future changes to card or bank account information is the responsibility of the customer.

Visit our online payment portal to register your account for auto-pay.

If you have questions about utility billing payment options, please contact Utility Customer Services at 512-393-8383.

Utility Billing Cycles

Billing Date
Due Date
Disconnection Date
3rd of following month
14th of the following month
11th of following month
21st of the following month
18th of current month
28th of the current month
25th of current month
4th of the current month

The City of San Marcos bills utility accounts monthly based on four weekly cycles. Your account's billing cycle depends on the location of your service address and remains constant.

The City of San Marcos understands that these billing dates and due dates may fall on weekends or holidays. To assure our customers the maximum amount of time between the billing date and due date, the following modifications to these dates may occur from time to time.

Due Date

If your cycle’s billing date falls on a weekend or holiday, it is moved back to the previous business day. For example, if the cycle 1 billing date of the 16th falls on a Saturday, the billing date is moved to Friday the 15th. If the 16th fell on a holiday like January 16, 2012 (MLK day), the billing date is moved back to Friday January 13th.

Likewise, if your cycle’s due date or disconnection date falls on a weekend or holiday, it is moved forward to the next business day. For example, cycle 4’s due date of Christmas December 25th is moved forward to December 26th. If Christmas falls on a Saturday, then the due date would be moved forward to Monday December 27th.

Late Payments

Any changes to the bill date or due date for any month will be shown on your bill statement. Please note that payments received after the due date printed on your bill statement are accessed a late penalty of 10% of the current balance. Please contact Utility Customer Services if you have any questions 512-393-8383.