Animal Protection

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The City of San Marcos Animal Protection Officers serve the citizens within the city limits of San Marcos, Texas. We provide a variety of services and respond to numerous calls for service throughout the year. Below you will find information regarding the most frequently used services:

  • Animals At Large - San Marcos Animal Protection responds to thousands of calls regarding animals at large, also referred to as stray animals. The City of San Marcos Animal Ordinance requires all dogs to be physically restrained at all times by means of a leash or fence, even while on the home owner’s property. There is not an ordinance pertaining to cats and physical restraint, however, all responsible pet owners should ensure outdoor cats do not become a nuisance for neighbors. All pets in the City of San Marcos are required to have a current rabies tag and pet license affixed to a collar at all times. The local Animal Shelter also offers Microchips to the public for a minimal cost, which serves as the most effective method of identification of your pet.
  • Animal Welfare Concerns - Animal Protection Officers respond to calls regarding animal welfare issues including health, body condition, living conditions, abuse, neglect, abandonment and any other concerns that are observed by citizens. You may report these concerns during regular business hours, Monday through Friday by calling 512-805-2655, or for emergencies after normal business hours call the San Marcos Police Department at 512-753-2108.
  • Barking Dog - It is natural for dogs to bark when they are outside. However, when this barking becomes a nuisance for neighbors, it is a problem that needs to be addressed. What should you do when you hear dogs barking? Start by having a friendly discussion regarding your concern with your neighbor. If you are concerned about addressing the issue directly or if the effort has gone unresolved, report the issue to Animal Protection. If the problem is severe and disrupts normal activity after business hours, report the issue to San Marcos Police Department by calling the non-emergency line, 512-753-2108. View for tips on how to correct barking issues (PDF).
  • Deceased Animals - If you find a deceased animal contact San Marcos Animal Services Dispatch at 512-805-2655 and an Animal Protection Officer will be dispatched during regular business hours to remove the remains. Calls received after 2:30pm (depending on current workload) or on a weekend or holiday will be handled the next business day. This service is provided to protect public health and maintain proper sanitation. In most circumstances, City personnel will not remove any animal that is located inside or underneath a building, or large animals such as horses and cattle; we can, however, direct callers to other possible resolutions.
  • Pets in Vehicles -  Never leave your pets unattended in a parked car for any period of time, especially during warm or cold weather. Taking your pet for a ride may seem like fun, but many pets prefer to spend time with you in the comfort of your home. Explore activities that you and your pet can share at home and avoid taking risks by leaving your pet in the car. If you see an animal in a car call City of San Marcos Animal Protection at 512-805-2655, or call San Marcos Police Department after business hours at 512-753-2108.
  • Wildlife - In Central Texas we live among many species of wildlife. It is very common to come across these animals on a daily basis. Natural habitat for many species is all around us, even in your own backyard. Some of the most frequently seen wildlife include deer, possum, squirrels, raccoons, bats, skunks and even some coyotes and bobcats. The most important thing to remember is to never attempt to handle wildlife with your bare hands. Rabies is a common threat in Central Texas and all wildlife can carry a variety of diseases. There are several species of wildlife that are a high risk of carrying rabies: bats, raccoons, skunks, foxes and coyotes. If you find sick or injured wildlife in the City of San Marcos, call 512-805-2655 for assistance. For more information on communicable diseases and services visit Texas Department of State Health Services Region 7 Zoonosis Control or Texas Parks and Wildlife.
  • Live Animal Trap Rental - San Marcos Animal Protection provides assistance for nuisance animals by providing live animal trap rentals and services. Citizens may rent a trap for up to two weeks with a $50 security deposit. Animal Protection will pick up trapped animals during that time. Once the trap is returned to Animal Protection a refund check will be issued by mail. Submit our Trap Rental Agreement (PDF) and photo i.d. to the San Marcos Regional Animal Shelter Receiving and Reclaim Office during normal business hours. Call ahead to check availability.