Community Forestry Program


The Urban Forester for the City of San Marcos is responsible for the design and implementation of the Community Forestry Program. The Community Forestry Program strives to conserve, protect and enhance existing trees and natural landscapes that are healthy and contribute to a safe and livable community, as well as to establish and maintain new trees.

Quality of Life

It is recognized that the presence of trees contributes to the overall quality of life and environment of the City. They are an integral part of healthy aquifers and river corridors, managing stormwater runoff, controlling erosion and dust, abating noise, reducing building energy costs, enhancing property values, and providing wildlife habitat.

Urban Areas

The Community Forestry Program responds to the needs of urban areas by maintaining, restoring, and improving urban forest ecosystems on more than 2004 acres. Through these efforts, the program encourages and promotes the creation of healthier, more livable urban environments across the city.