Eligible Improvements


  • Awnings or canopies in character with the building and streetscape
  • Curbing, irrigation, approved trees, landscaping beds (not including planting material) or other landscape features attached to the building where appropriate, not to exceed 20% of the project budget
  • Installation of fire sprinklers or other life-safety systems in historically or architecturally significant buildings and
  • Installation of monument signage, and the removal and replacement of non-conforming signs
  • Lighting that is visually appealing and appropriately illuminates signage, storefront window displays, and recessed areas of a building façade
  • New storefront construction, appropriately scaled within an existing building, that is in substantial conformance with all applicable provisions of the San Marcos Land Development Code
  • Other improvements that meet the objectives of the Business Improvement and Growth (BIG ) Grant Program.
  • Removal of architectural barriers to public accessibility
  • Signage that is attractively integrated into the architecture of the building, including the window area, awnings or canopies, and entryways, and the removal and replacement of non-conforming signs
  • Window replacement and window framing visible from the street and appropriately scaled to the building
  • Restoration of exterior details in historically contributing or significant buildings, and removal of elements that conceal architectural details, including cleaning, repainting or residing of building