Local Radio Station - 103.1 FM-KZOS

Community Outreach

The City of San Marcos applied for a radio station application with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in 1998. The recent flood that devastated so many residents found that information from neighboring communities was nonexistent or inaccurate to the San Marcos community during the emergency. In 2010, the FCC approved the city construction license for a new low power radio station.

Many things changed from the time of application and issuance. World events such as 9-11 and other national emergencies locked access to tower sites and original plans related to operating a local radio station. Specifically designed for local emergency use, the radio station would later be authorized to promote community events and other activities.


Located on the north end of town the signal covers a wide swath of San Marcos. During emergencies, the transmitter power can be remotely increased to ensure communication to the community. In such emergencies like a tornado, flood, or other calamity, the station can be remotely and on-site managed to provide information during a crisis. Activation of local warning sirens tune to 103.1 FM to find out information!