Sunset Acres Subdivision Improvements


The Sunset Acres neighborhood has historically suffered from localized flooding issues. The roads within the neighborhood frequently flood during rain events and the gutters, curb inlets, and storm drains are unable to convey the volume of runoff generated from both on-site and off-site sources that produce run-on into Sunset Acres. Many of the streets are also improperly graded, with negligible crowns or discontinuous slopes, resulting in ponding storm water.

In addition to the inadequate storm drain system, the neighborhood suffers from excessive traffic due to non-residents utilizing Broadway Street as a cross-through between the IH-35 frontage road and SH-123. The extra traffic on the street results in dangerous conditions for residents.

Project scope includes drainage, traffic, water/wastewater improvements within Sunset Acres to address these issues. Because the Sunset Acres storm drain system feeds into a combined Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) trunk line within the TxDOT I-35 right-of-way and because TxDOT is in the early stages of designing improvements to I-35 in the vicinity of Sunset Acres, the City has timed the Sunset Acres improvements to overlap with TxDOT’s proposed I-35 improvements.

Sunset Acres Scope

July 23 2019 Open House Exhibits

Project Schedule

Design Phase Completion: March 2022

Bid Phase Completion: July 2022

Construction Phase Completion: July 2024