Projects & Programs

The City of San Marcos completed a Needs Assessment and Action Plan for the Community Development Block Grant - Disaster Recovery (CDBG-MIT) program. This process, which included citizen input helped the City create a list of eligible, sustainable projects and programs for the CDBG-MIT program. Please consult this page for project updates


CDBG-MIT Projects (through Amendment 3)


Category: Repetitive Loss Infrastructure


Project: Blanco Riverine Regional Flood Mitigation


Project: Blanco Gardens Neighborhood Flood Mitigation


Category: Land Preservation Program


Project: Public Space Acquisitions


Category: Hazard Warning System


Project: Enhanced Flood Warning System


Category: Signs & Barricades


Project: Purchase of Signs, Barricades, and Similar Devices








 Blanco Riverine Regional Flood Mitigation:

The project consists of a berm/ floodwall structure to be located between River Road and the Blanco River to contain flood waters during the 50-year and more frequent flood events. The concrete flood wall was recommended to minimize right of way and structure acquisition. Together, the berm and floodwall will prevent flood waters from entering the Blanco Gardens neighborhood during the 50-year and more frequent rain events. In addition, a relief channel will be constructed to transfer Blanco River flows efficiently to the San Marcos River. This relief channel allows for water surface elevation reductions along the Blanco River downstream of State Highway 80. This relief channel will be approximately 7-feet deep and 1,200-feet wide, with a weir at Avoca Ranch Road crossing, and vegetated plantings at the discharge point to reduce velocities. A majority of this relief channel is located on property currently owned by City of San Marcos. The Blanco riverbank will be laid back at the upstream end of the relief channel, to stabilize the unstable and eroding bank. An additional berm located on City property will be constructed to protect the City of San Marcos Wastewater Treatment Plant  from the 50-year flood events.

Blanco Gardens Neighborhood Flood Mitigation:

CDBG-MIT funding pays for Phase 4 of this infrastructure project. It provides for the creation of a channel and outfalls, and the regrading of River Road. All to reduce the risk of flooding in the Blanco Gardens Neighborhood during local events.

Public Space Acquisition:

A Land Preservation Plan is to be developed with the use of MIT Planning funds, establishing the site selection criteria and guidelines for the Land Preservation Program. With City Council approval, the acquisition and services needed to acquire properties as greenspace through voluntary purchase (ie. survey, environmental assessment, relocation assistance, appraisals, appraisal reviews, demolition, design, and construction of improvements, etc.) will be funded with Land Preservation funds.

Enhanced Flood Warning System:

An enhanced flood early warning system is proposed for the Hazard Warning System category funding. The CDBG-DR grant has paid for a feasibility study and design, and, with City Council approval,  the CDBG-MIT grant will pay for installation. The project involves installing additional stream and rain gauges and integrating them electronically with the Hays County Flood Warning System.

Purchase of Signs, Barricades, and Similar Devices:

The purchase of signs, barricades, and similar devices is proposed as a project for the $60,000 in this category of the CDBG-MIT funding. These items will be used during storms and other events to warn the public of risks ahead and to set up evacuation routes if needed. 


The City’s planning costs will not exceed 15-percent of the total CDBG-MIT allocation. These costs are necessary for the planning activities to identify and further mitigation efforts for the city.  These costs may include, but not be limited to the evacuation and comprehensive planning efforts, as well as supporting efforts for the adoption and enforcement of modern and/or resilient building codes.


The City’s administrative costs will not exceed five percent of the total CDBG-MIT allocation. These costs are necessary for the general administration of the CDBG-MIT program and may include, but not be limited to the City’s staff time, or the time of its subrecipients or contractors, to: administer and manage mitigation activities; perform compliance, monitoring, and reporting of the activities; and utilize funds for other costs specified as eligible administrative expenses in 24.206.




Planning Studies



Infrastructure Projects

Construction - Blanco Riverine

$15.5 Million

Infrastructure - Blanco Gardens

$3.35 Million

Enhanced Flood Hazard Warning System


Signs, Barricades, and Similar Devices


Land Preservation Program


TOTAL: $24,012,000