Project Update - August 2020

  • AuPlease see Note below for the latest on the City’s traffic control plan during construction and a link to an FAQ page with more information
  • Construction traffic is directed to use Hopkins whenever possible; however road excavations on Hopkins will require equipment to use other streets in order to access around the construction.
  • Construction continues on Phase 1 (Scott St to Johnson Ave).
  • Crews will be installing storm sewer and wastewater lines throughout the month of August
  • Phase 2 (Johnson Ave. to Bishop) is currently expected to begin at the end of October
  • Proposed improvements can be found here

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The Hopkins Street Improvement Project will be closing a key arterial for the next two years. The goal of the original traffic control plan was to direct a majority of the over 14,000 vehicles using the road each day around the project safely and efficiently. The posted detour route guides traffic to use other arterial streets, those with typically higher traffic volumes, to minimize the change to residents on those streets. However, as with any detour situation, drivers will look for their own alternatives.

Staff anticipated the plan would need to be adjusted and, based upon citizen comments, additional signage and controls have been added since construction started at:

  • Wonder World (message board directing traffic to downtown via Craddock)
  • Hopkins at Moore (channelization devices to route traffic to Moore)
  • “Road Closed to Thru Traffic” signs at Bishop/Belvin, Hunter/San Antonio and Harvey.

However, as each additional area has been modified or closed, alternative routes have developed. This has resulted in traffic moving to the adjacent streets, such as Burleson, or finding additional side streets to access long parallel streets like San Antonio Street. Prior to implementing additional closures staff believed it was necessary to step back and look holistically at current traffic patterns.

Last week (July 13-17th) a traffic study was completed on multiple streets simultaneously to capture both traffic counts and speeds. The data will be used with historic information to help determine the most appropriate mitigation measures to address the variety of citizen observations received. Anticipated measures could include additional road closures, speed control devices (speed humps), speed limit changes and improvements to existing signage. As construction continues staff anticipates additional studies to monitor changes. We anticipate that the data and recommended modifications will be provided to Council and the public by August 11th

FAQ’s About Hopkins Traffic Control During Construction


  • W. Hopkins Street is a major thoroughfare with 14,000+ traffic trips a day
  • Due to road planning decisions made decades ago, there is not a parallel major arterial for a convenient nearby detour route
  • Not all drivers are following the posted detour to Craddock Avenue
  • Local adjacent streets, even with road closed signs, must be kept open for local public access and City service providers
  • Most adjacent streets are experiencing increases in traffic