HUD-DR Contracts

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218-147.2 Housing Rehabilitation-Reconstruction (DSW)

218-147.1 Housing Rehabilitation-Reconstruction (Turner)

217-310 Community Development Block Grant-Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) Housing Case Management – Precon (AECOM)


218-412 Flood Early Warning System (from 217-247) (Scheibe)

218-345 CDBG-DR Housing Study and Needs Assessment (Root Policy Research)

217-259 Flood Feasibility Studies (Guadalupe Blanco River Authority)

217-038 CDBG-DR Infrastructure Feasibility Study (AECOM)


217-153 Internal Auditor CDBG-DR (Deloitte)


On-Call Services

Survey Services

219-111.5 On-Call Surveys (Payne)

219-111.4 On-Call Surveys (Doucet)

219-111.3 On-Call Surveys (Cobb Fendley)

219-111.2 On-Call Surveys (Byrn)

219-111.1 On-Call Surveys (Bowman)

Appraisal Services

218-283.5 On-Call Appraisals (Aegis)

218-283.4 On-Call Appraisals (Eckmann)

218-283.3 On-Call Appraisals (BBG)

218-283.2 On-Call Appraisals (Atrium)

218-283.1 On-Call Appraisals (Allegiant)

218-283 On-Call Appraisal Services

Materials Testing

217-435.8 On-Call Materials Testing (Kistner)

217-435.6 On-Call Materials Testing (Kleinfelder)

Subsurface Utility Exploration

217-435.5 On-Call SUE (Kleinfelder)

217-435.12 On-Call SUE (Halff)

217-435.11 On-Call SEU (Cobb-Fendley)

Engineering Services

217-247 On-Call Engineering Services


218-197 Midtown (From 217-247) (K Freise)

Blanco Gardens

218-150 Blanco Gardens (from 217-247) (Scheibe)


217-091 Clarewood Drainage Area Improvements (AECOM)

Uhland Road

217-448 Uhland Road- Freese and Nichols (from 217-247)

Blanco Riverine

218-253 Blanco Riverine (from 2017-247) (Halff)