Community Enhancement

Two Monarch butterflies on a mist flower at the Train Depot Pocket Park

In January 2016, the City implemented the Community Enhancement Fee on San Marcos residential and commercial utility accounts. The monthly fee supports expanded community cleanup and beautification efforts throughout the city. 

Money raised by the fee is used to fund recurring community enhancement and beautification activities as well as one-time programs, which include:

  • Matching fund program for dumpster enclosures (more information to come)
  • Mowing and trash pick-up
    • Increases the number of trash pick-ups and mowing along IH-35 and city right-of-ways, as well as in parks and other City common areas
  • Improving beautification on public right of ways with landscaping
  • New street and sidewalk sweepers for Downtown
  • Installation of additional animal-proof recycling and trash containers for City parks
  • Supplies and equipment for a neighborhood beautification trailer
  • Two full-time Code Compliance Officers
  • One full-time Horticulturalist
  • Two full-time Community Enhancement Techs

Community Enhancement Projects, Programs, and Activities

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