Community Tree Giveaway

General Program Information

The City of San Marcos recognizes the first Friday in November as the State’s Arbor Day. We will celebrate by hosting multiple tree giveaways during the planting season in several neighborhoods, and our city-wide Community Tree Giveaway will take place in January at the San Marcos Public Library.

The tree giveaways are held outdoors on a first come, first served basis. Residents will have an opportunity to select from native and adapted tree species, 3- 5gallon container trees, and some smaller saplings while supplies last.  A tree list will be available a week prior to the event and the City encourages residents to save time by planning ahead. Volunteers will be on-site at each giveaway to help residents find the right tree for their yard. 

This program only applies to residents within the San Marcos City limits.


  • Sunday, November 6
    • 2-4pm
    • Dunbar Neighborhood
  • Sunday, December 11
    • 2-4pm
    • Blanco Gardens Neighborhood 
  • Saturday, January 21
    • 10:30am-3:30pm
    • San Marcos Public Library “Community Tree Giveaway” 
  • Saturday, February 11
    • 10am-noon
    • Victory Gardens Neighborhood 

Additional Resources

Volunteer Sign Up

Tree Species List

Tree Care & Planting Information

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