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Blanco Shoals Natural Area


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Blanco Shoals Natural Area consists of 89 acres west of the Blanco River and east of IH-35. The land was donated in 2002 by the Holt family in exchange for changes in the zoning of the remaining portion of the land to permit multi-family and commercial use.

Blanco Shoals is completely undeveloped riparian with no defined trails. It contains high bluffs and shoals along the river, an outstanding example of the flood mitigation benefits of our natural areas. Gigantic Pecans, tall Cottonwoods and Sycamores and Anancuas trees grace the landscape. During summer months, giant ragweed and Johnson Grass may overtake the property until mowed. 

The flat land makes for a comfortable stroll with hawks, woodpeckers and bluebirds among the species seen at this location. 


  • 89 acres

Rules & Guidelines

All park rules must be followed. For additional information on natural areas, including trail maps, visit our Natural Areas & Trails page.