Is the river open?

Riverfront parks, neighborhood parks, natural areas, playgrounds, basketball courts, tennis/pickleball courts, and restrooms are open except for Capes Camp and Thompson’s Island. They are closed. Playgrounds, restrooms, basketball courts, and tennis courts are also open. In an effort to assist with social distancing and prevent gathering, the fencing will remain in City Park and Rio Vista Park limiting access to park amenities such as picnic tables and pavilions. BBQ grills and pop-up shelters are not permitted since picnic table sites will be unavailable. Riverfront park parking is available at the City Park parking lot and street side on Cheatham Street and CM Allen Pkwy. Rio Vista Park Parking lot is closed due to construction. Please avoid active construction zones in portions of Rio Vista Park for the San Marcos Shared Use Path Trail project. For a complete list of parks that are open and closed click here. All City of San Marcos public facilities are closed through the end of January to help ensure that COVID-19 case counts remain low among City staff and within the overall community. The Grant Harris, Jr. Building (Parks and Recreation Office), Activity Center, and the Discovery Center are closed. The City will continue to evaluate service levels and facility reopenings as the COVID-19 response continues and evolves. The status of all City events/openings is subject to change at any time.

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