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San Marcos Fire Department Elementary School Junior Fire Academy Application

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  2. San Marcos Fire Department Elementary School Junior Fire Academy Application

    Session 1: Elementary School (Grades 3,4,5) June 15-19 Elementary School Junior Fire Academy This year's Academy will be open to children of those who live or work in the City of San Marcos.

  3. 1 Application Per Child

  4. Has the child attended previous camps?*

  5. Does the child's parent/s work for the City of San Marcos?*

  6. Does the child's parent work for the San Marcos Fire Department?*

  7. Does your family live in San Marcos?*

    Your home address' zip code is 78666?

  8. Does a parent/guardian work in San Marcos?*

    Does the office you work at have a 78666 zip code?

  9. Please list any health conditions that will require special accommodations. If none, please write None.

  10. Please list any medicines that your child regularly takes that will require special accommodations or administering while at JFA. If none, please write None.

  11. Please list any food allergies that will require special accommodations. If none, please write None. Food Allergies may require you to provide your own snacks and lunch.

  12. *Primary Form Of Communication

  13. Primary Contact Direct Number

  14. Are you interested in volunteering or observing at JFA?*

    If yes, we'll need your birthday to run the background check.

  15. First and Last Name

  16. First and Last Name

  17. First and Last Name


    I, the undersigned, certify that my child is at least EIGHT (8) years old and has completed third grade. I understand that falsification of any information on this form may disqualify my child from the program.


    Camp times are from 8am-2pm each day. DROP OFF: Parents can drop their children off between 7:30am-8am. PICK UP: Children will need to be picked up at 2pm each day. Staff will stay until 2:30pm.


    In consideration for the acceptance of my child’s registration in the Junior Fire Program, I hereby release THE CITY of SAN MARCOS, the SAN MARCOS FIRE DEPARTMENT, their agents, employees, firefighters, and servants from ANY and ALL damages and injuries, which may occur while my child is in the Junior Fire Academy Program, including transportation. I certify that I have the legal authority to execute this release on behalf of my child.


    By signing this document I acknowledge that I have given my authorization for my child to attend the Junior Fire Academy Program and travel when needed.

  22. Permission to Photograph*


    As part of the Junior Fire Academy, a group photo of the children will be taken and placed in local newspapers. There may also be media coverage of the academy as well as video to be used by the Fire Department. I authorize the photography of my child for this purpose.

  24. By typing my name, I am electronically signing this application. I understand that an electronic signature has the same legal effect and can be enforced in the same way as a written signature.

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