Airport Maps

  1. Aeronautical Sectional Map

General Aviation Information

  1. AirNav

Intranet - Helpful Links

  1. City of San Marcos

IT - Resources (Forms)

  1. New Hire, Transfer, and Exiting Form

    Create or update accounts for new (or new to you) personnel.

  2. Request Remote Access Form

    Help a vendor or contractor access the City’s intranet.

  3. Email Access Request Form

    Access to a mailbox other than your own

  4. Softphone Access Request Form

    Use your extension when away from your desk.

  5. IT Assessment Request Form

    Submit a technology request

  6. BOOK IT

    Schedule time for IT assistance

  7. Physical Security Request Form

    Request video surveillance, access control, or alarm

Library - How Can I? (Register For a Program)

  1. Workforce

  2. Adult (18+)

  3. Children

  4. Teen

  5. All Ages

  6. Mental Health

Library - How Can I? (Reserve a Room)

  1. Study Room

  2. Meeting Room

  3. Early Literacy Room

Non-Discrimination Resources

  1. Resource #1

  2. Resource #2

  3. Resource #3

Pilot Notices

  1. NOTAMs

Staff Tech Resources Link

  1. Staff Tech Resources

Weekly Traffic Reports

  1. Weekly Traffic Reports