Planning & Development Services


630 E Hopkins
San Marcos, TX 78666



Link: Planning and Development Services Page

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Brake, Alison Historic Preservation Officer 512.393.8232  
Buck, Kaitlyn Planner 512.393.8234  
Clanton, Lauren Chief Planner 512.393.8238  
Cleary, Julia Senior Planner 512.805.2658  
Essington, Anna Senior Planning & Mapping Analyst 512.805.2636  
Faulkner, Brittany Planning Technician - Senior 512.393.8369  
Garrison, Craig Planner 512.805.2649  
Hernandez, Amanda Director of Planning & Development Services 512.393.8237  
Lloyd, Abbigail GIS Technician - Planning 512.393.8356  
Martin, Brenna GIS Technician 512.805.2602  
Rugeley, William Planner 512.805.2613  
Soto, David Planning Manager 512.393.8236  
Velasquez, Enrique Administrative Coordinator 512.393.8231  
Villalobos, Andrea Assistant Director of Planning 512.805.2623  
Ruth, Jack Planning Tech 512.393.8233  

Community Development  

650 E Hopkins
San Marcos, TX 78666

San Marcos, TX 78666

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Griffith, Carol Housing and Community Development Manager 512.393.8147  
Castillo, Zindi Grants Accounting Specialist 512.393.8173  
Duran, Irma Communit Initiatives Program Administrator 512.393.8494  
Escobar, Lorena Housing Coordinator 512.805.2621  
Ruiz, Sylvia Community Development Compliance Specialist 512.393.8250  
Hernandez , Emmanuel CDBG Intern 512.805.2621  

Permit Center 

630 E Hopkins
San Marcos, TX 78666



Link: Permit Center Page

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Ehlers, Elizabeth Assistant Director of Development Services 512.805.2640  
Betchel, Scott Environmental Inspection Specialist 512.805.2648  
Cruz, Jessica Building Permit Technician 512.805.2631  
Curtis, Russell Senior Inspector and Plans Examiner 512.805.2617  
Damgaard, Alex Chief Building Official 512.805.2647  
Gabriel, Ann Environmental Compliance Program Coordinator 512.805.2632  
Grice, Katita Environmental Inspection Specialist 512.805.2678 830.666.0048
Lopez, Oscar Senior Inspector and Plans Examiner 512.805.2646  
Maddox, Ashley Environmental Inspection Specialist 512.805.2643  
McNett, Yesenia Building Permit Technician 512.805.2633  
Mendiola, Rose Sr. Permit Technician 512.805.2639  
Nemec, Kerri Building Services Coordinator 512.805.2641  
Peterson, Ben Combination Inspector 512.805.2676  
Riddle, Katy Permit Center Manager 512.805.2624