ISO - Insurance Services Office Rating

The ISO rating for San Marcos is 29.

Insurance Services Office (ISO) Rating for San Marcos

ISO stands for Insurance Services Office (ISO). A rating schedule was developed by the Insurance Services Office (ISO). This rating schedule serves insurance companies that cover property and casualty benefits for their clients. ISO representatives use the schedule when surveying a community's fire protection capabilities. The ISO scores fire departments on how they are doing against its organization's standards to determine property insurance costs. Most home and business insurers use PPC scores to determine insurance premiums. Businesses and individuals in a community with a good PPC score typically pay less for fire insurance. ISO rating system is from 1 (the best) to 10 (the worst). 

The latest, official City of San Marcos - SMFD ISO LETTER from the State Fire Marshal is available for download for your insurance documentation. 

The ISO rating for San Marcos is 2 in most all areas of the San Marcos City Limits. Some areas are marked as a 2X or a 10.

An ISO rating of 2X or a 10 applies to a few areas in the outskirts of the San Marcos City Limits.  

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Verify your address & ISO Rating here

1.  Verify if an address is in the San Marcos City Limits

2. Verify & print the ISO or PPC rating for an address. 


  • Class 02 is all locations that are within 1000 feet of a hydrant and within 5 miles of a fire station
  • Class 2X is all locations that are further than 1000 feet from a hydrant but are within 5 miles of a fire station
  • Class 10 is all locations that are more that 5 miles from a fire station

SMFD Stations 1-6 Service Areas

San Marcos Fire Department Locations

  • Fire Station 1, 114 E. Hutchison St.
  • Fire Station 2, 205 Flint Ridge Rd. 
  • Fire Station 3, 2420 Hunter Rd. 
  • Fire Station 4, 1404 Wonder World Dr.
  • Fire Station 5, 100 Carlson Circle
  • Fire Station 6, 5716 S Old Bastrop Highway (Opening Fall 2022)

To learn more about ISO see the Texas Department of Insurance Website or Texas Addendum to the Fire Suppression Rating Schedule (PDF).