911 Communications Manager

  1. Freddy Marmolejo

    Alfred "Freddy" Marmolejo

    911 Communications Manager
    Phone: 512-753-2181
    Born and raised in San Marcos, Freddy has seen the city grow so much. He considers himself fortunate to live and work in a city that has such diversity among its population.

    Freddy began his career as an Emergency Communications Operator (ECO) in June 2001 for the San Marcos Police Department. In 2004 he became a Communication Training Officer, which allowed him to train new hires and help transition them to be confident and capable ECOs.

    Program Development
    Freddy created a training program that uses current technology to give our new hires classroom training, realistic simulations, and on-the-job training to prepare them for the types of calls or services our job entails.

    Journey Up the Ranks
    Senior ECO
    Freddy was promoted in 2007 to the position of Senior Emergency Communications Operator. As a Senior, Freddy, along with 2 other supervisors, was responsible for the day to day operations of the Communications Center. These supervisors monitored TCO staff to ensure calls were being answered promptly, emergency services were being dispatched, and good customer service was being provided to citizens of or visitors to San Marcos.

    Communications Manager
    In October 2013, Freddy was promoted to 9-1-1 Communications Manger. His primary job function is running day-to-day operations of the 9-1-1 Center. Freddy directly supervises 4 shift supervisors and is responsible for 21 telecommunications operators working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Awards & Certifications
    Over the years Freddy has achieved many awards and certifications, such as:
    • -Intermediate Telecommunicator Award from TCOLE in March 2006
    • -Advanced Telecommunicator Award from TCOLE in March 2006
    • -Communications Training Officer from APCO Institute in 2004
    • -Communications Center Supervisor from APCO in September 2006
    • -EMD and EFD Certifications by the National Academy of Emergency Dispatch (NAED)
    • -CPR Certification
    • -TCIC/NCIC and TLETS/NLETS Certifications
    • -APCO membership since 2007
    • -TCIC/NCIC Associate Trainer in 2010