Mental Health Unit


The mission of the Mental Health Unit is to provide assistance to individuals suffering from mental health illness and crisis through counseling and diversion, medical help and stabilization, coordination for placement in mental health facilities or treatment centers, and connecting individuals with resources and referrals for continuity of care. We are dedicated to positively impacting the quality of life for citizens of San Marcos and treating all people, including individuals who happen to have an illness, with dignity and respect.

Investigative Support and Follow up

Our officers respond to calls for service regarding individuals who may be experiencing a mental health related crisis. We also conduct home and follow-up visits to help divert future crisis and calls for service.

The San Marcos Police Department's Mental Health Unit consists of one corporal, two officers, a qualified mental health professional, and one certified therapy K-9. Normal duty hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Contact Us

For Emergencies: 9-1-1
Non-Emergency Dispatch: 512-753-2108
Voicemail: 512-393-8081 x9100# 

Email the Police Mental Health Unit

Mental Health Statistics

  • In 2023, SMPD received 2,290 calls for service involving a mental health concern. 
  • 57% of the mental health calls were responded to by a mental health officer
  • 342 of the calls responded to by a mental health officer were co-responded by a qualified mental health professional
  • Mental health related calls led to 259 emergency detentions
  • The therapy K-9  was deployed 52 times


Crisis Response Care Coordinator

In 2023 SMPD added a qualified mental health professional from the Scheib Center to the unit. This individual responds with the mental health officers on calls for service regarding mental health. This individual is tasked with providing resources and information regarding mental health care in San Marcos and Hays County. In addition to working with the mental health unit, the qualified mental health professional assist in mental health care training within the department and in the community.

This individual is trained to complete emergency mental health psychiatric evaluations in the community. This individual can also access funding to support un-insured community members to coordinate continued care. A mental health crisis psychiatric evaluation considers current and past events to determine safe options for individuals in crisis. 

Scheib Center and MCOT

We work with the Scheib Center and the Mobile Crisis Outreach Team (MCOT) in crisis situations. MCOT is designed to bring expert psychiatric assistance to individuals in the community setting. This partnership allows increased quality of care and less reliance on emergency services and criminal justice involvement. 

Public Education

To request a training or presentation from the Mental Health Unit, please contact us at

For a complete list of resources, please view the following document

Mental Health Unit Recommended Resources:

Scheib Center:

1200 N Bishop 
(512) 392-7151

Emergency Crisis Line: 


Suicide and Crisis Lifeline:

9-8-8 (Available via call or text)

Branches-Austin Oaks Hospital:

1330 Wonder World Drive Suite 108
(512) 440-4800


1901 Dutton Dr Suite E
(512) 396-7695

Hill Country Youth Respite Home:

Must call to receive a respite screening
  1. SMPD Therapy K-9 Program
  2. active duty: Sophie
  3. Retired: Sheldon Cooper

The San Marcos Police Mental Health Unit's three certified therapy K-9s assist officers on calls by attempting to decrease anxiety and stress that people in crisis may be experiencing. The therapy K-9s also assist at the Scheib Center in San Marcos and meet with clients dealing with stress when requested. To request assistance, leave a message at 512-393-8081 ext. 9100.