Small Area Plan Program

The purpose of the Small Area Plan Program is to further the Vision San Marcos Comprehensive Plan goal of ensuring that neighborhoods retain their existing character and follow development and redevelopment patterns desired by the residents. As San Marcos continues to grow and housing becomes harder to find, neighborhoods that offer quality places and better access to amenities are experiencing more growth pressures and struggle to maintain their existing character. Other neighborhoods in San Marcos lack some of the basic ingredients to healthy neighborhoods like quality parks, adequate housing, and neighborhood-oriented services.

The Small Area Plan Program is designed to empower and assist residents and community groups of impacted neighborhoods in planning for growth.

The City of San Marcos is seeking your input in establishing the selection criteria and determining the type of City assistance that should be available to participating neighborhoods.

The goal of the Small Area Plan program is to focus planning efforts in areas where:

  • Local commitment to the process is demonstrated, and
  • Neighborhood character is lacking or threatened.

Learn about San Marcos Growth Pressures

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The Planning and Development Services Department partnered with Texas State Geography students to analyze growth pressures in San Marcos Neighborhoods. View the results.

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