Project Update - May 2020 

The CM Allen Roadway Reconstruction project is approaching final completion! The roadway has been open to traffic since mid-December, and is anticipated to remain open as construction crews complete the final remaining elements.

Crews recently completed installation of the multicolored bulb-outs and will be installing the final thermoplastic striping in the coming weeks. Landscape crews will also be installing the final plantings that were previously out of stock.

This project exemplifies many goals held by the citizens of San Marcos including:

Safe, Connected, Multi-modal Transportation- The project accomplishes this through adding a 12-foot wide multi-use pathway for pedestrians and bicyclists, reducing crosswalk lengths, adding a crosswalk refuge in the median at Hutchison Street, re-configuring the Hutchison Street and Plaza Parking lot intersections, and creating a connection to downtown and the San Marcos River.

Environmental Protection- The project includes green infrastructure in the form of bio-retention which cleans stormwater runoff prior to it entering the San Marcos River. The project also includes the planting of over 50 trees.

Attractive Public Spaces- The project includes relocation of overhead utilities to below ground, pedestrian lighting, brick banding along multi-use pathway, brick paver crosswalks, landscaping, and multicolored bulb-outs outlining parallel parking.