Wastewater CCN

The City of San Marcos filed an application with the Public Utilities Commission in the Fall of 2018 to amend its wastewater service area.

The City’s proposed amendment to its Certificate of Convenience and Necessity (CCN) includes an area located approximately 1.5 miles north, east, south, and west of downtown San Marcos, and is generally bounded on the north by Yarrington Road; on the east by Highway 142; on the south by York Creek Road; and on the west by Pioneer Trail. The total requested area includes approximately 35,579 acres.

A CCN requires the City to provide continuous and adequate service to the area within its boundary to customers requesting service. If approved, this will allow the City exclusive right to provide retail sewer service to the identified areas. As new developments extend the system to meet their needs, other customers along the way will be able to connect to the collection system as well. 

A written notice to all landowners in the area was sent in early October.

CCN Fact Sheet and Related Information