Street Lights


Street Lighting benefits the San Marcos Citizens by providing a safer, well-lit environment that reduces the chance of theft and vandalism. Street Lights within the San Marcos Electrical Utility (SMEU) service area are installed and maintained by the City of San Marcos. Outside SMEU service area lighting is on a case-by-case basis.

These lights operate on a photocell and should be on all hours of darkness. If you notice a light out or a light burning during the daylight hours, please contact our Service Department at 512-393-8313 or email Electric Utility.

Maintenance & Installation

As of October 1, 2014, SMEU no longer installs area lighting on customer property. SMEU continues to maintain area lighting previously installed by SMEU, provided that the customer is currently paying a monthly fee. Customers with area lighting who are not currently paying a monthly fee will be responsible for maintenance.

Additionally, those customers who are not paying a monthly fee will be required to transfer the service behind their electric meter at their expense, or SMEU may disconnect and remove the area lighting. Customers interested in lighting personal property to reduce the chances of theft and vandalism are encouraged to install their own security lighting.