Webcams from Around the World

African Watering Hole: visit Mpala Research Station in Kenya to hear an authentic African soundtrack of bird song while watching hippos drift in the water, elephants come down to drink, and giraffes picking their way along the shore.

African Watering Hole #2: see elephants, oryx, and the resident warthog at the Great Plains Conservation’s ol Donyo Lodge under the shadow of the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro.

Aquarium of the Pacific: watch live feeds of penguins, sharks, jellyfish, and aquarium exhibits.

Baby Panda Cam: A project of Pandas International, the Panda Cam from Wolong Nature Reserve in China gives a glimpse into the Panda Center’s active breeding and reintroduction program.

Bald Eagles: a rare opportunity to see bald eagles up close and relaxed in Decorah, Iowa.

Bird Feeder Cam: located in the Treman Bird Feeding Garden at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology in Ithaca, New York. 

Bison Watering Hole at Grasslands National Park: you never know what wildlife you’ll witness onscreen, but the beauty of this site in Saskatchewan can take your breath away.

Channel Islands National Park: peer into the ocean to watch the kelp sway in the wave action and the orange garibaldi, eels, and spiny lobsters dart through the sunny waters.

Dallas World Aquarium: watch manatees in underwater action in the large freshwater River exhibit, and sharks prowling in the Cenote Exhibit. from an elephant trail in Indonesia to manatees in Florida, dozens of nature webcams to enjoy. Dozens of live animal webcams from across the globe.

Georgia Aquarium: check in on African penguins, whale sharks, beluga whales, sea otters, jellies, alligators, and more.

Grotto Hydrothermal Vent Cam: dive deep underwater into the Juan de Fuca ridge to explore this deep-sea vent ecosystem.

Houston Zoo: see the herd of Asian elephants, rhinos roll in their mud puddle, flamingos float next to a waterfall, and much more.

Lake Tahoe in California: one of the prettiest lakes in America, no matter the season.

Monterey Bay Aquarium: 10 webcams to view, including sharks, penguins, sea otters, and more.

Mountain Gorillas in the Democratic Republic of the Congo: go gorilla trekking with this safari live feed.

Orca Lookout at Cracroft Point, British Columbia: see if you can spot orcas plying the waters from this live stream in stunning British Columbia.

Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming: witnessing America’s most famous geyser erupt in a flurry of steam and water.

Otter Cam: watch wild sea otters at Elkhorn Slough, an ecological treasure at the heart of Monterey Bay in California.

Panama Fruit Feeder-cam at Canopy Lodge: all kinds of colorful birds fly by to sample the wares that Cornell Lab’s scientists have left out for them at this conservation site in Panama.

Ponte Vecchio in Florence, Italy: view the historic medieval stone arch bridge over the Arno River.

Red Wolf Cams: Check out one of the rarest predators on the planet, courtesy of the conservation breeding program at the Wolf Conservation Center in South Salem, NY.

San Diego Zoo: watch the live antics of baboons, penguins, polar bears, elephants, tigers, and more from the world famous zoological park.

San Diego Zoo Safari Park: view giraffes, rhinos, and more in the African Plains habitat at the Kijamii Overlook. 

Shedd Aquarium: Take a break for beauty with the aquarium’s Underwater Beauty live cam and discover the dreamlike patterns of angelfishes, wrasses, tangs, and butterflyfishes.

Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo: Japan’s answer to Times Square is famous for the amount of pedestrians, in the thousands, that pass its crosswalks throughout the day.

Smithsonian National Zoo: visit naked mole rats, elephants, lions, and giant pandas at the Washington, DC, zoological park.

St. Peter’s Square in Venice:  Piazza San Marco is the principal public square of Venice, Italy

Sydney Harbour in Australia: Sydney’s iconic Opera House, Circular Quay, and twinkling Harbour Bridge all make appearances in this live feed of Australia’s most iconic skyline.

Tembe Elephant Park: Watch African wildlife at this popular watering hole on the Mozambique border.

Times Square in New York City: see what’s going on around New York’s once busiest intersection.

Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, Hawaii: paradise is just a click away thanks to this live feed above Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach Resort.

The Western Wall in Jerusalem, Israel: visit one of the holiest religious sites on the planet.

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