Proclamation Request Form / Schedule

The Mayor of San Marcos issues proclamations for special community events and significant achievements of local organizations and individuals in San Marcos.

Proclamations are NOT issued for profit-making activities or to promote specific religious beliefs, candidates or political organizations. Normally one copy of the proclamation is provided. There is no charge for this service. Proclamations are limited to five per session.

Proclamations are presented at 2 p.m. on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month. Proclamation readings are subject to change depending on holidays and facility closures.  Please email Tammy Cook if you have questions about when your Proclamation would be presented.

To request a proclamation, please fill out a Proclamation request form.

Proclamation Request Form
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NOTE: Photos without mask were taken prior to COVID-19

How It Works:

Anyone interested in submitting a proclamation must do so on or before the submission deadline. If a proclamation is submitted on or before the submission deadline, it will be read in the first upcoming meeting. If a proclamation is submitted past the submission deadline, the proclamation will be read in the next upcoming meeting. Proclamations are limited to a 320 character count.

Proclamation Header
JAN 18, 2021FEB 2, 2021
FEB 1, 2021FEB 16, 2021
FEB 15, 2021MAR 2, 2021
MAR 1, 2021MAR 16, 2021
MAR 22, 2021APR 6, 2021
APR 5, 2021APR 20, 2021
APR 19, 2021MAY 4, 2021
MAY 3, 2021MAY 18, 2021