ChallengeSMTX is an anti-litter campaign designed to help keep our community clean and prevent trash from washing into the San Marcos River.

The City of San Marcos in partnership with Texas State University is launching the campaign to encourage people to pick up one piece of litter each day and either recycle or trash it: challengeSMTX.

Here’s how it works: take a video or picture of yourself picking and throwing away litter. Use Number challengeSMTX to document your post on any social media outlet.

We all have a responsibility to keep San Marcos beautiful and litter-free. Creating this challenge is a fun and engaging way to bring the community together.

Over the summer, people removed more than 2,500 pounds of litter from the San Marcos River, litter boats and parks adjacent to the river.

All litter flows to the San Marcos River, and stormwater pollution is one of the biggest challenges we currently face as a community. The challengeSMTX litter campaign will not only beautify the city, but will help maintain a healthy river.

This campaign will be included in the MS4 Stormwater Management Plan, which helps the community abide by stormwater regulations issued by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

The newly issued MS4 Stormwater Permit for the campus emphasizes pollution prevention though education and outreach, and this challenge is a great initiative to get our campus community involved.