Business Opportunities

Business Opportunities

Are you a business based in San Marcos or Hays County looking for ways to get involved and help your local animal shelter? Below is a list of opportunities for our business partners:

Foster a pet and get it adopted

Employees of your small business are more than welcome to become a foster for the San Marcos Regional Animal Shelter. Fostering pets directly improves well-being and saves lives. Foster homes are an invaluable resource for pets with medical needs, behavioral needs, bottle babies, and those who just need a break from the shelter environment.

Sponsor a pet's adoption and advertise him/her

The San Marcos Regional Animal Shelter has animals that are generously sponsored by a member of the community or a local business. To sponsor a pet, you will pay for the $97 adoption fee and advertise him or her on your social media platforms. Getting the pet's face out on multiple platforms can help get more exposure and gain more adoption interest. By sponsoring a pet, you may also be helping someone who has wanted a pet but hasn't been able to afford the adoption fee. You make someone happy and help get a pet into their furever home; it's a win, win!

Adoption Incentives

Your local business can donate adoption incentives such as gift cards, promotional products, services, coupons, etc. Adoption incentives are just the thing potential adopters need to make that final decision to take home a new four-legged friend. It's an encouraging tool that helps get pets adopted and in return makes new customers for your business.

Team volunteer days at the shelter

You may be looking into some ways to boost morale and build team bonding at work, well look no further! All business employees can volunteer one day, all together; poop scooping can really bring people together! It doesn't stop there though, other duties consist of changing out dirty litter and newspapers in the cat room, scrubbing kennels, washing dishes, poop scooping the yards, etc. Volunteering your time as a business can also encourage your customers to volunteer or even adopt. The San Marcos Regional Animal Shelter is always in need of volunteers who can come in and do some hard work. 

Host an appreciation event for volunteers, fosters, and rescue partners

Host an appreciation to thank volunteers, fosters, and rescues for their commitment to the shelter. The event can be big or small, at your place of business or at the shelter. Treat the folks that give their time and home to pets in need and who help shelter staff when kennels are full. For example, your business can make a donation to cover the expenses of the appreciation event and we will advertise and recognize your business as the sponsor and partner of the shelter on our Facebook and Instagram.

Host a donation drive

The San Marcos Regional Animal Shelter is always in need of basic supplies. Your business can host a donation drive where people can donate supplies or funds. Your business can also have an internal donation drive. Shelter staff and our temporary furry residents are always grateful to those who donate any items they have on hand or things they buy off our Amazon Wishlist.

Share awareness initiatives

The shelter tries to encourage the community to spay/neuter their pets, keep their pets vaccinations current, and microchip their pet to increase the chances of being reunited with their owner if they ever end up at the shelter. As a business partner, sharing awareness initiatives can consist of sharing the shelter's social media posts on your platforms or sponsoring a microchip, spay/neuter, and vaccination event. Your business can sponsor the event entirely or cover the first 100 people who show up; that's completely up to you! The event can be advertised by us and/or by your business through social media and flyers that can be placed around your place of business. 

Host an adoption event

The community loves adoption events, and so do we! In 2021 we have already had events at Torchy's, Black's BBQ, Zelick's, EVO Entertainment, Cigar Vault, and Sean Patricks where lots of pets found their forever home. You sponsor the adoption event at your place of business and we bring the pets. Email for more information and to set up your event.

Share our posts on your social media platforms

The San Marcos Regional Animal Shelter posts frequently on Facebook @SanMarcosAnimalShelter and Instagram @smtxanimalshelter. Sharing the shelters posts gets more eyes on our page which in turn can produce more adoptions

In return for becoming a business partner with the San Marcos Regional Animal Shelter, you will be getting free advertisement and good PR by sponsoring events. We will tag you on our social media platforms and put your logo or business name on the bottom of this page in our business partnership section. For more information on getting involved with the shelter, please contact us at