Green Guy Recycling Center

Green Guy Recycling Center
  1. Recycling Drop-Off Center

The City of San Marcos has a contract with Green Guy Recycling to operate a public drop-off center for household recyclables. The drop-off center is well-lit and open 24/7

Accepted and Not Accepted Materials

Certain fees do not apply to San Marcos Residential Garbage and Multifamily Recycling customers. Waived fees are limited to one TV, two computer monitors, two freon-bearing appliances, five passenger tires per year.

A City of San Marcos Utility Bill with the "Recycling Center Fee" must be shown. The utility bill needs to be in the owner's name. The above items are ONLY accepted during business hours with an employee present to verify the utility bill information. Any placement of these items in the drop-off outside of business hours will be considered illegal dumping. 

  1. Buy Back information

Green Guy Recycling purchases all ferrous and non-ferrous metals, including copper, aluminum, brass, radiators, stainless steel, batteries, steel, and iron. Contact Green Guy for current prices

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  1. Resale Center

Green Guy Recycling invites the public to visit their resale center. Inventory varies but generally includes construction materials, salvaged items from demolition jobs, and various goods from customers.

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Recycle junk vehicles at Green Guy Recycling