Renew A Food Permit Online

If you are having difficulty renewing your permit online please see the step by step pictures below for how to renew a food permit through the MyGovernmentOnline system.

Once an account is created your phone number must match the phone number in the food permit records AND be verified through MyGovernmentOnline in order to be able to add the food permit to your account. To verify your phone number you MUST answer the automated call from a Louisiana phone number. If you missed this call or did not receive a call you can call MyGovernmentOnline Support at 1-866-95-PERMIT (1-866-957-3764). 

If the permit you are searching for does not populate or a new phone number needs to be added to the permit's contact information please contact our office at (512) 393-8444 or to have the new number added. 

**If you have previously added a food permit to your account 
-Follow Step 1
-Skip to Step 3 
           At Step 3 you will see a list of the permits that have been added to your account. Click on View Permit for the food permit             you would like to view or pay for.
-Skip to Step 8 to make payment.

Renew a FP

1. When you log in click the My Account Link at the top right

My Account MGO

2. Your phone number MUST be verified or you will not be able to search for your food permit

Verified Number MGO

3. If your phone number is verified scroll down to My Permits to begin the search

Find Projects MGO

4. San Marcos must be selected to search for your permit

Find Project by Number

5. A list will populate with permits filed with your number. Add your food permit to your account

Add to My Acct MGO

6. This will pop up, continue to add project to your account

Add Project 2

7. To go to the permit choose view project. Otherwise you can find the permit under My Account

Project Added View Details

8. This is your permit details page to make a payment click the Payments tab

Project Page and Payment Tab

9. In the Payments tab scroll down to find the online payment option

CC Payment Tab