Hays County Citizen Connect

Citizen Connect is an online tool that allows Hays county citizens to view incidents and arrests occurring in the Hays County area, including San Marcos, Kyle, Buda, and Texas State University. Citizens are able to create alerts for certain areas or incidents and will be notified of when crime occurs in their area. A link to the interface is provided below, as well as quick how-to guides and FAQ.

Please note: The interface is regularly updated, but has a 48-hour delay to allow records to be verified and complete. Each agency's respective Records Department works Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm. This will effect the verification process in the early parts of the week.

  1. Citizen Connect FAQs
  2. Navigation Help
  3. Account Setup
  4. Incident-based Alerts 
  5. Location-based alerts

Do I have to create an account?

You will only have to create an account if you want to receive alerts. Otherwise you are able to view all incidents or arrests of your choosing through the filters in the left-hand pane of the Citizen Connect Home Page. 

Why do I see incident information from multiple police departments?

The cities of San Marcos, Kyle, and Buda, as well as Hays County and Texas State University have partnered using the same Records Management System to house and organize crime-related databases. This not only makes multiple sources of data available to the public, but also streamlines communication and information exchanging across departments to allow us to better serve our respective and neighboring communities. 

Am I seeing live incident data?

No, you are not seeing live data. Because the circumstances of an incident can change between 911 call centers receiving a call and officers arriving on scene, live data will not be consistent. To help alleviate this, Citizen Connect is on a 48-hour lag to ensure that all displayed incidents are consistent and verified with each respective department. 

Why am I not receiving any alerts?

If you scheduled a location-based alert, you may have not specified the jurisdiction or incident type. Please reference your alert (in the alert tab on the top right-hand tab on your citizen connect home page labeled Alert) and ensure that jurisdiction and incident type is included or selected. Also, you may want to check your schedule of release and ensure that it is the timeframe you are expecting, either daily, weekly, or monthly. 

When I search, can I view a list of the incidents or arrests outside the map?

Yes, to view a static list of the incidents or arrests of interest, click on the download icon on the top right corner of the Citizen Connect homepage after your appropriate filters are applied. Peruse the Navigation Help section for an explanation of the tools available in Citizen Connect. 

Why can I not see sex offense information in the incident filter?

Sex offense data, child crimes data, and some medical or mental health data will not be able to be tracked by the public. These are sensitive crimes and for the sake of our victim's privacy they will not be shared in a public forum. 

I cannot seem to create alerts on my phone, is that right?

Unfortunately, in its current form, alerts are not able to be created on a mobile device. You will need a desktop computer. However, you are still able to view incidents and arrests, as well as manipulate the map. 

Where can I get additional information on incidents or arrests?

Arrest information is public-record and available in the Hays County Jail Dashboard and Courts Records website. Incident information will need to requested from an open records request from each respective department. However, please know that without an official, criminal justice-related purpose, some information will need to be redacted before it is released. 

Can I download the guides for getting alerts set up?

Yes, at the end of each guide, there is a link that leads you to a pdf version of the instructions. Once downloaded, it is easily saved or printed per your needs. 

Hays County Citizen Connect is a new online tool, that is connected with a large police records system housed within Hays County and shared among surrounding communities. Because of the size of this tool, the data it presents, and how new this interface is, some incidents may not be displayed or may display incorrect information. The vested law enforcement agencies will check the interface regularly to address the aforementioned or newly identified limitations. Check back for updated offense and arrest information. Given the evolutionary nature of crime data, some information may be updated to reflect more offense-consistent information. 

Webpage updated 08/18/2023