Professional Services

Authorization of Change in Service

This form is used to add services or funds to the overall contract amount. Consultants must receive written approval from the City prior to initiating any additional work. Additional services that are less than $50,000 will be forwarded to the Purchasing Manager for approval. For services that exceed $50,000 worth of compensation, approval from the City Council is required. A change in service is also required for changes that do not affect the overall contract amount (i.e. rate/time revision, additional service, etc.). Three originals with back up must be mailed or hand delivered. Scanned or faxed documents will not be accepted.

Standard Consultant Payment Requisition (Project Specific Contract)

Consultant Payment Requisition (PDF)-must be filled out completely with percent complete for each Billing Phase. One original with back up must be submitted to the City. Submission through email is acceptable. The Purchasing Manager and City Attorney signatures are required on the final payment to close out the contract. The final payment request must be original documents.

Fund Allocation

The Funding Allocation Request (PDF) is used for the allocation of funds from the awarded contract amount. This is an estimate of "not to exceed" cost for the assigned project. One form is required per assigned project. One copy required. Scan, email, or mail the document.

Work Authorization

The Work Authorization form designates the scope and fee for a specific on-call project. The form should only include changes to the Master Agreement. All numbering from the Master Agreement must remain the same. A schedule must be submitted with the form. Three originals must be submitted to the Capital Improvements Department for review and approval.

Purchasing - Contract Documents

For payment submissions or invoicing questions email the Pay Request Division.