The Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee was to provide oversight to the process and, along with the Citizen's Advisory Committee, put key stakeholders directly into plan development. (Vision page 23)

Steering Committee

  • Front, Left to Right: Dan Stauffer, Jerry Borcherding, Chair Bill Taylor, Mayor Daniel Guerrero, Joe Cox, and Council Member John Thomaides
  • Back: Chris Wood, Nancy Nusbaum, Vice Chair Donna Hill, Council Member Ryan Thomason and Rosina Valle. (Photo by Don Anders)
Steering Committee Members

Citizen Advisory Committee

  • Front, Left to Right: Rodney VanOudekerke, Kate McCarty, Jim Garber, Dianne Wassenich, Fraye Stokes, and Anna Carbajal
  • Middle Row: Bob Sappington, Tom Roach, Co-Vice Chair Lisa Prewitt, Chair Jane Hughson; Debbie Harvey, Angie Ramirez, Nancy Moore and David Case
  • Back Row: Kevin Carswell, Co-Vice Chair Betsy Robertson, Shawn Ash, Mason Murphy (alternate), Jim Pendergast and Billy Lee Windham. Not Pictured: Rebecca Ybarra-Ramirez
Citizen Advisory Committee Members