Park Rangers

Rangers protect the parks and surrounding areas to ensure the safety of park patrons and wildlife habitats. They educate and inform park visitors of the resources available to them and provide a positive experience for park patrons.


The City of San Marcos currently has 2 full time and 18 part time Rangers.

  • 11 Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs)
  • 8 Law Enforcement Officers
  • 3 Paramedics

In addition to the Ranger staff, we utilize specially trained Police Officers and City Marshals to supplement our staffing on seasonal weekends, holidays and at some special events.

Location Markers

Many parks and trails have a unique marking system. Parks and trails have a letter designation such as RV for Rio Vista Park and a number system to indicate your location. If you need assistance look for a sign or pole marker such as RV22 and report that location to dispatch.