Activity Center Natatorium

The San Marcos Activity Center Natatorium is open by appointment only when we are able to safely re-open the Activity Center. Swimmers and water walkers can sign up for a reservation here

Rio Vista Pool

 Rio Vista Pool will be opening May 25th 2021. 

Hours: Open Tuesday, Wednesday,  Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Closed on Mondays and Thursdays. 

12pm-1pm Adult Swim.

1pm-6pm Open Swim.

Swim Lesson Information

Swimming lessons will start June 2021, registration starts May 18th. 

  1. Level 1 Swim Lessons
  2. Level 2 Swim Lessons
  3. Level 3 Swim Lessons
  4. Level 4 Swim Lessons
  5. Level 5 Swim Lessons
  6. Parent & Tot Lessons
  7. Private Swim Lessons

Level 1 Youth Swim Lessons

Youth Swim Lessons, Level 1 helps students feel comfortable in the water. Learn-to-Swim Level 1 participants receive a Raffy Learns to Swim full color booklet that reinforces learning and provides parents with additional information about their child’s progress.

Learning Objectives

Level 1 participants learn to:

  • Enter and exit water safely
  • Submerge mouth, nose and eyes
  • Exhale underwater through mouth and nose
  • Open eyes underwater
  • Pick up submerged object
  • Float on front and back
  • Explore arm and hand movements
  • Swim on front and back using arm and leg actions
  • Follow basic water safety rules
  • Use a life jacket
  1. Jessica Ramos

    Recreation Manager

  2. Jessica Guerra

    Aquatic - Fitness Program Coordinator