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Posted on: June 24, 2022

Film Studio at La Cima FAQ

Film Studio Incentive Agreement Newsflash

Click here to visit the Hill Country Studios Project FAQ page.

The La Cima agreement covers a large land area that is restricted to an average of 19% impervious cover overall across its different properties, which is less than the 20% allowed by City Code over the recharge zone.  There are over 2,000 acres of open space and habitat preserves set aside as part of the La Cima master plan.

The entire La Cima development must meet an overall impervious cover limit of 19% which is below the 20% limit contained in current City Code. At this location, Hill Country Studios will build at 48% impervious cover, which is less than the 80% that would have been allowed for a commercial project. Hill Country Group, LLC will also develop a Water Pollution Abatement Plan to address stormwater quality and aquifer protection, and construct water quality controls that meet the City’s current requirements which are more stringent than the previous agreement. The project will also protect trees, plant native landscaping and is also expected to include onsite vehicle charging stations and a community bicycle program.

The land contained within the La Cima Development is private property. Due to Texas property right laws, the City of San Marcos cannot prohibit the development of private land after it has been granted entitlements for development; businesses are permitted within the La Cima Development under the standards contained in the 2013 development agreement.

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