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MethodList NameDescription
General NotificationsSubscribe for general notifications and messages via text message or email from the City of San Marcos.
Information for Design EngineersSubscribe for updates to City construction standard details.
Property OwnersView Previous Messages

Agenda Center

MethodList NameDescription
Airport Advisory Board
Animal Shelter Advisory Committee
Arts Commission
Cemetery Commission
Charter Review Commission
Citizen Utility Advisory Board
City Council
CodeSMTX Think Tank
Community Improvements Program Task Force
Comprehensive Plan Oversight Committee
Construction Board of Appeals
Convention & Visitor Bureau Board
Covid-19 Recovery Committee (Council Committee)
Criminal Justice Committee (Council Committee)
Economic Development Board
Ethics Review Commission
Historic Preservation Commission
Homelessness Committee (Council Committee)
Housing Authority
Human Services Advisory Board
Legislative Committee (Council Committee)
Library Board
Main Street Advisory Board
Multimodal Transit Committee (Council Committee)
Neighborhood Commission
Parking Advisory Board
Parks & Recreation Advisory Board
Planning & Zoning Commission
San Marcos Commission on Children & Youth
Senior Citizen Advisory Board
Sunset Advisory Commission
Sustainability Committee (Council Committee)
TIRZ Number 2 Board - (Blanco Vista)
TIRZ Number 4 Board - Paso Robles (Kissing Tree)
TIRZ Number 5 Board - (Downtown)
Veteran Affairs Advisory Committee
Workforce Housing Committee (Council Committee)
Zoning Board of Adjustments

Alert Center

MethodList NameDescription

Bid Postings

MethodList NameDescription
Aeration and Mixing UnitsMixer and Aeration System to diffuse oxygen in septic environment.
Agricultural Equipment, Implements, Parts, and Accessories
Air Compressors and Accessories
Air Conditioning, Heating, and Ventilating Equipment, Parts, and Accessories
Aircraft and Airport Operations Services
Amusement, Decorations, Entertainment, Gifts, Toys, Etc.
Architectural and Engineering Services, Non-Professional
Architectural Services, Professional
Art Equipment and Supplies
Art Objects
Athletic Fitness Equipment Maintenance and RepairsAthletic Fitness Equipment Maintenance and Repairs
Automobiles, School Buses, SUVs, and Vans Including all Fuel Types
Automotive Accessories for Automobiles, Buses, Trailers, Trucks, Etc.
Automotive and Trailer Bodies, Body Accessories, and Parts
Automotive Shop and Related Equipment and Supplies
Bags, Bagging, Ties, and Erosion Sheeting, etc.
Boats, Motors, and Marine Equipment
Bricks, Clay, Refractory Materials, Stone, and Tile Products
Builder's Supplies and Materials
Building Construction Services, New, Including, Maintenance and Repair Services
Buildings and Structures: Fabricated and Pre-Fabricated
Cafeteria and Kitchen Equipment, Commercial
CateringPlanning and providing services and goods for event.
Chemical Laboratory Equipment and Supplies
Chemical Laboratory Equipment and Supplies
Chemicals and Solvents, Commercial (In Bulk)
Chemicals and Solvents, Commercial (In Bulk)
Cleaning ServicesCleaning windows, screens, sidewalks
Clothing Accessories
Clothing: Athletic, Casual, Dress, Uniform, Weather, and Work Related
Communication and Media Related Services
Computer Accessories and Supplies
Computer Hardware and Peripherals for Mainframes and Servers
Computer Software for Mainframes and Servers, Preprogrammed
Computer Software for Microcomputers, Systems, Including Cloud-Based (Preprogrammed)
Concrete and Metal Products, Culverts, Pilings, Septic Tanks, Accessories, and Supplies
Construction and Utilities Higher Education
Construction Highways and Roads
Construction Services, General, Including, Maintenance and Repair Services)
Construction Services, Heavy, Including Maintenance and Repair Services
Construction Services, Trades, New Construction
Consulting Services
Controlling, Indicating, Measuring, Monitoring, and Recording Instruments, and Supplies
Crafts Supplies, General and Specialized
Cutlery, Cookware, Dishes, Glassware, Silverware, Utensils, and Supplies
Data Processing Cards and Paper
Data Processing, Computer, Programming, and Software Services
Defense System and Homeland Security Equipment, Weapons and Accessories
Disposal of Hazardous WasteDisposal, hauling and handling of hazardous waste.
Drug and Feeding Administration, Infusion, and Irrigation Equipment and Supplies
Educational and Training Services
Electrical Cable and Wire, NOT Electronic
Electrical Equipment and Supplies, Except Cable and Wire
Electronic Equipment, Components, Parts, and Accessories
Employment Screening - Human ResourcesScreening new Employees with background checks
Energy Collecting Equipment and Accessories: Solar and Wind
Engineering Services, Professional
Environmental and Ecological Services
Environmental Protective Equipment, Inside and Outside
Equipment Maintenance and Repair Services for Automobiles, Trucks, Trailers, Transit Buses and Other
Equipment Maintenance, Repair, and Related Services for Power Generation and Transmission Equip.
Farming and Ranching Services, Animal and Crop
Fasteners: Bolts, Nuts, Pins, Rivets, Screws, Etc. Including Packaging, Strapping, and Tying Equip
Fasteners: Bolts, Nuts, Pins, Rivets, Screws, Etc. Including Packaging, Strapping, and Tying Equip
Feed, Bedding, Vitamins, and Supplements for Animals
Financial Services
Fire Alarm Sprinkler Monitoring ServicesMonitoring and maintenance of commercial Fire Alarm Sprinkler systems
Fire Protection Equipment and Supplies
First Aid and Safety Equipment and Supplies, Except Nuclear and Welding
Fishing, Hunting, Trapping, Game Propagation, and Related Services
Flags, Flag Poles, Banners, and Accessories
Floor Covering, Floor Covering Installation, and Removal Equipment, and Supplies
Floor Maintenance Machines, Parts, and Accessories
Foods: Bakery Products
Foods: Dairy
Foods: Fresh
Foods: Frozen
Foods: Miscellaneous
Fuel, Oil, Grease, and Lubricants
Gases, Containers, Equipment: Laboratory, Medical, and Welding
Hand Tools, Powered, and Non-Powered, Including Accessories and Supplies
Hardware and Related Items
Health Related Services
Hose, Accessories, and Supplies: Industrial, Commercial, and Garden
Hospital and Surgical Equipment, Instruments, and Supplies
Human Services
Insurance and Insurance Services All Types
Janitorial Supplies, General Line
Laboratory Equipment, Field Equipment, Accessories, and Supplies
Landscaping Services Including Irrigation
Laundry and Dry Cleaning Services
Laundry and Dry Cleaning Compounds, Detergents, and Supplies
Laundry and Dry Cleaning Equipment, Accessories and Supplies, Commercial
Lawn Maintenance Equipment and Accessories
Lawn Maintenance Services
Library and Archival Equipment, Machines, and Supplies
Library and Subscription Services, Including Research Services, Internet and Periodical Subscription
Machinery and Hardware, Industrial
Maintenance, Repair, Removal, Installation Antenna Tower and Communication EquipmentInstall, repair and maintain radio towers and wireless equipment.
Management and Operation Services
Markers, Plaques, and Traffic Control Devices
Metal: Bars, Plates, Rods, Sheets, Strips, Structural Shapes, Tubing, and Fabricating Items
Microfiche and Microfilm Equipment, Accessories, and Supplies
Miscellaneous Products (Not Otherwise Classified)
Miscellaneous Services (Not Otherwise Classified)
Musical Instruments, Accessories, and Supplies
Nursery (Plants) Stock, Equipment, and Accessories
Office Supplies. General
Outdoor Lighting MaintenanceOutdoor Lighting Maintenance for City Building Decorative Lights
Paint, Protective Coatings, Varnish, Wallpaper, and Related Products
Paper and Plastic Products, Disposable
Park, Playground, Recreational Area, and Swimming Pool Equipment and Supplies
Personal Hygiene and Grooming Equipment and Supplies
Personnel for Hazardous Household Waste ManagementContract Personnel for Hazardous Household Waste Management
Pest Control ServicesPest Control Services - Commercial
Pesticides and Chemicals: Agricultural and Industrial
Pipe and Tubing Fittings
Pipe, Tubing, and Accessories, Not Fittings
Plastics, Resins, Fiberglass: Construction, Forming, Laminating, and Molding Equipment, Accessories
Plumbing Equipment, Fixtures and Supplies
Police, Correctional Facility, and Security Access Equipment and Supplies
Potable Water Storage Tank InspectionsPotable Water Storage Tank Inspections
Power Generation Equipment, Accessories, and Supplies
Power Transmission Equipment: Electrical, Mechanical, Air, and Hydraulic
Printing and Typesetting Services
Printing: Preparations, Etching, Photoengraving, Preparation of Mats, Negatives & Plates, & Printing
Propane ServicesRental of propane tanks, delivery of propane for tanks.
Public Works and Related Services
Publications, Audiovisual Materials, Books, Textbooks, Prepared Materials Only
Pump and Motor RepairPump and Motor Repair in Water Waste/Water
Pumping Equipment and Accessories
Radio Antenna Maintenance and RepairMaintenance, installation, inspection on towers and wireless equipment on antenna.
Radio Communication and Telecommunication Testing, Measuring, and Analyzing Equipment, Supplies
Radio Communication Equipment and Antennas, Including Parts and Accessories
Real Property Rental or Lease
Rental or Lease of Services Agricultural, Aircraft, Airport, Automotive, Marine, and Heavy Equipment
Road and Highway Asphalt and Concrete Handling and Processing Equipment
Road and Highway Building Materials (Asphaltic)
Road and Highway Building Materials (Non-Asphaltic)
Road and Highway Equipment: Earth Handling, Grading, Moving, Packing, Etc.
Roadside, Grounds, Recreational and Park Area Services
Roofing Materials and Supplies
Sale of Surplus and Obsolete Items
Sampling and Sample Preparation Service, For Testing
School Equipment, Teaching Aids, and Supplies
Security, Fire, Safety, and Emergency Services, Including Disaster Document Recovery
Seed, Sod, Soil, and Inoculants
Shoes and Boots
Signs, Sign Materials, Sign Making Equipment, and Related Supplies
Software - Financial
Sound Systems, Components, and Accessories: Group Intercom, Music, Public Address, Etc
Sporting Goods, Athletic Equipment, and Athletic Facility Equipment
Steam and Hot Water Boilers and Steam Heating Equipment
Steam and Hot Water Fittings, Accessories, and Supplies
Telecommunications and Cellular Equipment, Accessories, and Supplies
Telephone Equipment, Accessories, and Supplies
Television Equipment and Accessories
Testing and Calibration Services
Testing Apparatus and Instruments, Not for Electrical or Electronic Measurements
Theatrical Equipment and Supplies
Tires and Tubes, Including Recapped and Retreaded Tires
Traffic Control ServicesTemporary traffic control by furnishing and installing signs, barricades and static message boards.
Traffic Signal Battery ServicesReplace batteries in Traffic Signal Cabinets
Training - Information TechnologyTraining - Information Technology
Tree Care and MaintenanceTree maintenance, planting, removal, pruning, soil and root management, integrated pest management, cabling and bracing.
Tree Trimming Services
Trucks Including Diesel, Gasoline, Electric, Hybrid, and Alternative Fuel Units
Veterinary Equipment and Supplies
Video Jockey (VJ) ServicesEmcee to provide music and video entertainment at events.
Visual Education Equipment and Supplies
Voice Response Systems
Water and Wastewater Treating Chemicals
Water Supply, Groundwater, Sewage Treatment, and Related Equipment, Not for AC, Steam Boiler, or Lab
Welding Equipment and Supplies


MethodList NameDescription
60 - Plus ProgramsDates and locations for senior activities hosted by the City of San Marcos
Animal Services Calendar
ArtsSign up for notifications regarding arts and cultural events in the City
Code Compliance and Environmental HealthSubscribe for notifications about Code Compliance and Environmental Health events.
Discovery Center
Economic Development
Engineering & Capital Improvements
Fire Department Events
Firefighter Training ClassesThe San Marcos Fire Department is pleased to host training classes that are available to professional and volunteer firefighters. The classes are designed to provide skills and knowledge required for certification or provide training for emergency situations. Check out the Professional Development Calendar to see what is being offered.
Garbage & RecyclingResource Recovery Division & Keep San Marcos Beautiful Sign up for notifications on events and volunteer opportunities.
Main Calendar
Main Street
Neighborhood EnhancementView Previous Messages
Parks & Rec Special EventsSubscribe for notifications on Parks and Recreation special events
Parks & Rec Youth ProgramsSign up for notifications about youth programs and events in San Marcos
Parks & Recreation
Planning & Development ServicesView Previous Messages
Police Exams
Police Training Calendar
Proclamation ScheduleNote: Only 4 proclamations can be scheduled on any one City Council meeting City Council Meetings are held on the first and third Tuesdays of each month. Proclamations are presented at 4 p.m.
SMTX NeighborhoodsView Previous Messages
WIC Calendar

News Flash

MethodList NameDescription
Animal Services News
Arts NewsCalls for artists and news related to the San Marcos Arts Commission
Emergency Management
Engineering & Capital ImprovementsSubscribe for Engineering & Capital Improvements news
Fire Department NewsSubscribe for Fire Department news
Garbage / Recycling
LibrarySubscribe for Library news
Main StreetSubscribe for Main Street Program news
Neighborhood EnhancementNews pertaining to the City's Neighborhood Enhancement Division.
View Previous Messages
Parks & RecreationSubscribe for Parks & Recreation news
Planning & Development ServicesSubscribe for Planning & Development Services news
View Previous Messages
Planning Application NoticesReceive notices on Comprehensive Plan Map Amendments, Zoning changes, and any Neighborhood Meetings.
View Previous Messages
PoliceSubscribe for Police Department news
Press ReleasesSubscribe for City press releases
Public & Legal NoticesSubscribe for Public & Legal Notices